Sound bath relaxation session – May 2019

There will be a sound bath relaxation session at Garvald village hall on Wednesday 1st May 7-8PM

Relax and rejuvenate to the soothing sound and vibration of quartz crystal singing bowls.

Spaces are limited so please contact Kelly to book your space (sessions not suitable for pregnant ladies or people with pacemakers)

Please bring along a cushion and blanket.


Just relax on a mat and let the soothing vibration and sound of crystal singing bowls wash over you.

Using the frequencies of quartz crystal singing bowls and other instruments, this encourages your natural frequencies to respond and rebalance. The cells of your body are massaged through resonance and they are refreshed from negative and unwanted vibrations. You will experience the benefits of a meditative state whilst you are physically and emotionally relaxed and refreshed.

What are the benefits of Sound Therapy?  There are many benefits which may include:

Deep relaxation
Improved sleep
Improved emotional health
Enhanced self-awareness
Improved circulation
Stress reduction
Soothed and harmonised emotions and feelings
Strengthened immune system
Connection with your inner self
Help to cope with life’s challenges
Generation of feelings of kindness and gratitude

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