2017 Village Show Schedule now available

Garvald Village 2017 Show Schedule is now available on the Garvald Horticultural Society webpage and below. New categories for 2017 include honey; yoghurt; the photography category ‘winter scene’; a ‘harvest’ themed floral art category; and castle building, butterfly art and treehouse design in the children’s classes. Also there is a chance for novice growers in a new novelty section; ‘perfectly imperfect vegetable’!

2017 Show Schedule

2017 Show Schedule

Proposed broadband mast above Garvald

A planning application has been submitted to East Lothian Council to build a mast above and to the south of Garvald village.

The purpose of this mast is to facilitate the provision of Lothian Broadband’s Superfast Broadband service to Garvald and the surrounding community. The application is now on East Lothian web page. Its code is: 17/00004/P.

The application can be viewed at: https://pa.eastlothian.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=OJB5L2GNFG200

The information in the application includes a mocked-up photograph of how the mast will appear from the playpark.

A press release from Lothian Broadband relating to the project is attached. GarvaldPressRelease010217

Garvald Shelter

Message from Penny Short,
Champion for Children & Young People, Haddington & Lammermuir Area Partnership:

Following consultation and the overwhelmingly positive response from villagers regarding installing a shelter in the park, I submitted an application to the Haddington and Lammermuir Area Partnership for funding and this was recently approved.  I am delighted to let you know that the shelter will be installed very soon.

As you will be aware, the shelter will be installed, maintained and looked after by the Council’s Amenity Services and its location and design was largely dictated by Amenity Services to fit in best with the play park and surrounding area.  Ideally I would have liked a door on it and perhaps comfier seating but health and safety regulations meant that this was not possible – however it will still be an excellent shelter/haven for those in need.  It will have a motion sensor light (as we know it can get very dark in the park in winter) which will only go on if someone is using the shelter and I am still in discussions to organise wi-fi which will  be very useful.

As initially proposed it will be built principally to be used by our young people as a social space and to recognise that they are a very valuable part of our community and it is important that their needs are met and their voices are heard. But of course it is hoped that the shelter will be used by all villagers, young and not so young, and I know that everyone will, as always, use it responsibly and considerately bearing in mind the close proximity of houses to the public park.  I hope this will be a great asset to the village and that everyone will enjoy using it.

Gorilla Gardening

Bulb planting reminder – calling all volunteers to help plant them along the path in the park.
We will be planting this Saturday 28th 10-12noon.  Many hands make light work (oh and please bring a spade)!

Garvald School

Received a message from Bill Anderson which may be of interest to you all… Hoping he’ll send on some more historical photos to go on the website Gallery.

Hi there,
I have just found your web site and thought I would get in touch, our dad was John Anderson who was headmaster of the two teacher Garvald Primary through the 1950’s until the late 1960’s, when we moved to Rosewell. I was brought up in Garvald at the school house from 1953 until 1968 and it was a wonderful place to grow up in at that time of innocence. Sadly our dad passed away in September 2015 at the grand age of 96 and my twin brother may have some photos of Garvald school that may be of interest to you.

Gorilla Gardening in Garvald

Bring a spade…Gorilla gardening in Garvald

With proceeds from last year’s Village Show, Garvald Horticultural Society has bought (through East Lothian Council at our request), 2000 crocus and daffodil bulbs for the park. All we need to do now is plant them! The Council will shortly mark out the areas for planting along the path, then its all hands on deck. With circa 200 population – that’s 10 bulbs per person!

We anticipate planting late January – snow/permafrost etc permitting – for first full display next Spring (although if the weather stays mild we may get a few blooms this year from the daffs).

Watch this space for the time and date. Any questions – call Jo (685)

CitizenAID app

Message from Sandy Baptie, Emergency Planning and Risk Manager, East Lothian Council.

The CitizenAID  free smartphone/tablet app gives advice on how the public can take immediate action following, or during a terrorist attack/incident. It offers advice on what to do and also offers some basic advice on how to deal with injuries that may result from such an attack/incident. It also offers information on what to do on discovering a suspect bomb and the immediate actions to take after a bomb has exploded. Thankfully, it is not likely you will ever require to use the information, but the view ‘better to be prepared for any unexpected event’ is one I preach and follow! This app has been given considerable media coverage. More information is given below and on the CitizenAID website.


Why not start 2017 with a resolution to be prepared? Simply download the free citizenAID App from either Google Play or the Apple App Store.

The citizenAID App will reduce the anxiety from difficult decision making in an unfamiliar situation. Follow the logical steps to do the right things in the right order. Stay safe and help us… to help you… to save lives.

The citizenAID app is free to the UK public and is designed initialy for use in the UK. Access is left open internationally for the wider public good, but recognising there is detail that relates only to the UK (such as emergency service phone number). Additional country versions will be developed dependent on demand.

Garvald Art Show 2017

Message from Tim Flynn:

It’s a while since our last Art Show and some old hands wonder if we have enough new/replacement artists in the area to enable a worthwhile exhibition this year. Traditionally November time, but other or better dates aren’t ruled out. These shows are commercial; run and financed by the artists themselves, attracting favourable rates for village hall hire. We have found that a show inspires artists to stir their (pencil) stumps, stretch their canvases and get arting – painting, carving, ceramics, tapestry, possibly even a photo section, and so on, as long it’s high quality. If you are, or know of, a local area artist who would like to get involved please, in the first instance, contact Tim Flinn at Beech Cottage or use the contact form and your message will be sent through to him.